Today I was in contact with Newman Medical, the makers of the Digidop Fetal Doppler.  One retailer describes them as “bulletproof” (figuratively I am sure lol) Mr. Newman suggested the DigiDop 700.


What is that?  Well here is what they had to say about it!

The DigiDop 700 WATERPROOF Display Doppler has unique features not found in other Doppler systems such as Digital Optimized Processing (DOP™). Each DigiDop is designed with the sensitivity you need while also designed to be tough and last through years of everyday office use. All our products are  Made in the USA outside of Denver, CO. Each Newman Medical Doppler and probe must pass a series of comprehensive tests to assure quality and the durability of each product.


  • Display Hand Held Doppler
  • Tough and durable polycarbonate and stainless steel case
  • Digitally Optimized Processing – DOP™
  • Unbreakable magnetic probe holder
  • All probes are interchangable
  • Each main unit comes with choice of one probe (I am getting the waterproof model)
  • User replaceable cable
  • Powered by 3 AA batteries
  • Extended battery life
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A

I am feeling so blessed right now!  There is alot of hype right now about the use of dopplers for maternity care, and I have strong opinions about that, which is certainly a blog post for another day.

Well my loves, I must sign off but wanted to fill you in on how God is blessing.
Much LOVE!

Global Maternity Care, Is God Calling?

Did you know that nearly 300,000 woman die in childbirth each year? Many of these deaths could be prevented if a skilled birth attendant was present with that woman. The Lord is laying on my heart a desire to advocate for these woman. To what extent, we are not sure, but together Ronnie and I are praying for direction. In the mean time, there is a course being held in our state for nurses, student midwives, medical missions workers etc to teach them to preform basic prenatal care, help babies initiate breath (non-intubation techniques), assist mothers with breastfeeding, emergency delivery of a baby, assisting with birth emergencies (breech birth, hemorrhage, shoulder dystocia, twin delivery etc) and other essential skills for a “Midwifery Assistant” The cost is $400 plus meals, accommodations, and required texts. Thankfully I have most of the required equipment.  We wonder if this would “test the waters” for further studies to become a certified midwife, or just be skills useful in conjunction with my nursing education to use overseas for short term missions.  Although we also wonder if God is planting seeds for something even bigger. We are asking for prayer as we consider this opportunity, and welcome any words God may give to you.