The Day I Went to Planned Parenthood and My View of Phil. 4:19 Changed.

I have been feeling led by the Holy Spirit to post this, but have been resistant. He is telling me someone out there needs to hear my story to help change theirs. So here it is, painful, but honest and real. 

I don’t often speak of my Journey into Motherhood. They were desperate years and I honestly had few people who knew to help, so thereimages (7) I sat already into my 2nd trimester in the waiting room of Planned Parenthood. I was there because I had no other choice.  I found out I was pregnant in September, by October my husband had gotten laid off and thus we were left without insurance. I was very, very sick. Nothing was curbing the nausea and not an OBGYN office in town would touch me. A local pharmacist had told me that Planned Parenthood would see me regardless, and he was right! They never pushed termination; they gave me a urine test and helped me get Medicad. We began to praise God that these ladies were able to help me when NO OTHER individual or organization was willing to. He was already showing us that He was faithful to provide.

For most people a layoff with a pregnant wife would be scary, but they would pull from the savings account until they could replace it. We didn’t have that. When we moved here after hearing God lead us to come help with the launch of Vantage Pointe we used what little savings we had to get us down here. After his layoff we both applied for jobs left right and center on both sides of the border to no avail. We withdrew our entire retirement and began rationing it out to cover rent and food. As time went by and no jobs were had it became apparent that something else had to go. We had terminated cable and Internet early on, and so we woul only drive to church and back or to the store so as not use gas. Next came coffee elimination, then finally the food budget. Our money stretched and by the Grace of God, managed to eat one meal a day, and buy Aaron’s myriad of medications he took once he arrived home.

While I missed out on getting to have a glider ottoman, and nursery set up, or picking out baby clothes God lead us to Open Arms Pregnancy Center where we were given hope and the most wonderful gift of bottles, jammies and a nice warm blanket. A lady on Craigslist was giving away some items and a church family gave me a breast pump so I could express milk while Aaron was in the NICU. It would also sustain him for months after until my milk dried up and we had to use formula.

It was during that time that I began to re-evaluate Philippians 4:19

“And my God will supply all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.  I often confuse my wants for my needs. I wanted a beautiful nursery, a big dresser full of tiny clothes. But I didn’t NEED those things! He slept in his car seat beside the bed. It was hot that year he was born so he could get by in a diaper. Eventually we found a rocknplay and when he outgrew that he came into our bed until Ronnie started work and we could get him a toddler bed. Was it ideal, NO! But we managed. All were fed, with a roof over our heads.

Ronnie has been back in the US and to work just over 2 years. We have begun rebuying the items we sold to survive; dressers, end tables, furniture and dishes. As we meet other people struggling we can try and be an encouragement that things CAN get better. We can point to Gods provision of a few simple items that made a big difference.  

If you know us apart from my Blog you know we now drive BMW, BUT PLEASE know that it is 12years old. The back bumper is missing; there is no display screens, cameras, or navigation.   Some of the standard features no longer work, and it hates to start when it’s cold. (Not good in Upstate Winters). But it runs, looks decent and was the same price as the Ford on the lot beside it, with better space. We are now purposing to get out of debt, and stay out of Debt and are working through the Financial Freedom Seminar. God has been building a Life’s Message in us and we look forward to all that He has in store for us in the coming years.

Sometimes You Just Need an Iced Coffee

It’s no secret that IcedCoffee is what keeps me standing upright! Between kids, and course work, housework and church “stuff” I seem to be running around most of the time.  One day a few weeks ago it seemed i was even to busy to run and grab iced coffee… WHAT AM I GONG TO DO?  Enter this little bottle of bliss!

icedsqueezeRonnie had brought it home from Hannaford the other day and at first I thought it was a not so subtle way of telling me i need to spend less at the Coffee Shop, but no he said “its for those days that you JUST CANT!  For my night shift ladies (and gents) who like me have worked in facilities where you were not able to leave,or your a midwife and your mama comes first so skipping out to grab coffee with her dilated to 9cm might result in some un-pleasentries shouted your way.  THIS IS FOR YOU!! I was skeptical! I am loyal to my few iced coffee places and that is it.  But a bit of this little squeeze bottle added to icey cold water, then splashed liberally with half’n’half did the trick!  It saved my sanity AND my budget.  Now it says there are 10 servings per bottle, but I say there is more like 6 (I like my coffee strong.) It cost less than $4 making each serving ~$0.67 a serving.  This review WAS NOT sponsored, although I wish it were LOL 🙂 Seriously getting paid to drink coffee would be nice.  But either way if you are looking for an easy, and inexpensive alternative to store bought Iced Coffee you may want to give this a go!!




I love my little guy! And yesterday he turned TWO!!!! Where has the time gone?? AJ’s labour was long, his birth was traumatic with a 3rd degree tear, and his begining days were spent in a steril NICU hooked to tubes, wires, and machines. His next year would be rough, with illness, and meds, constant trips to pediatricians, and hospitals, but now, at age 2 he is a happy, healthy, and a very ACTIVE little man!!!! I love you baby boy xoxo!!

One of those days!

Have you ever had “one of those days” I was having one yesterday! I woke up with an extreme head cold, the baby is still sick, and I noticed some thrush-like spots in his mouth (after office hours of course) my toddler (we’ll call him AJ) has a cough, and runny nose, oh yeah, and it was my husbands birthday dinner !!  The morning was a write off!! In order to get the antibiotics into the baby, then feed and change him I needed to bribe AJ with chocolate and Handy Manny.  Both boys were fussy, and AJ was running around like crazzy, and not listening AT ALL.  My husband had gotten an email from his boss saying he would be in town and they were having some pretty stressful meetings.  My attempt to take the boys to a local “all in one” kinda shop (gas, icecream, convience foods, snack bar, coffee shop) for lunch and an iced coffee for mommy took TWO HOURS to get ready for.  The day for both my husband and I was filled with multiple issues, and stressors, certainly not the mood he had hoped for on his special day.  By the time he got home the last thing he wanted to do was be social.  We made it through dinner, cards, and gifts, but forewent dessert, then came home to crash.  We were exhausted and honestly not in a good mood.  But then, true to form, our little guy snuggled up next to daddy and gave him a big hug, said “HAND” and led him to snuggle in bed.  It made me so thankful for the love we share as a family, that even in the thick of it all our son knows that a little love goes a long way, and that we are able to put aside our stresses, and love him right back!!