3 Ingredient Meatballs!

I am forever in a search for an easy meal that doesn’t require a lot of ingredients or dishes to prep.  As a homeschooling mom of boys our house is often hectic.  My husband often ducks in for some food in the evenings then heads back to work till after the kids are in bed and I often find that I don’t plan it right we wind of ordering in or hitting up the drive through.  Enter THESE MEATBALLS!  They are true 3 ingredients,(plus rice if you choose) and just your crock pot, and your rice pot.  


1 Bottle of Grape Jelly
18 ounces of Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce
2.5 lbs of meatballs – Frozen or homemade and pre fried

  1. Start by mixing the jelly and the BBQ sauce directly in the crocpot. It is going to look lumpy but trust me the jelly lumps will melt in beautifully!
  2. Next add your meatballs.  If you have a favorite frozen brand use them directly from the freezer. Being Gluten free we struggle to find a frozen meat ball so i typically make my own.  However Farm Fresh  Original has no wheat in them (although may NOT be certified GF) that we did use this time around because it was a busy school day.
  3. Stir until l meatballs are covered with sauce.
  4. Cover and set to high for 3.5 hours. Alternatively you could do low all day if needed I am sure.
  5. ENJOY!!



Overall Opinions:


Daddy: Oh yeah you can make these again!

E: YUP! Good!!!

Mama: Wait this is a home cooked meal, and I don’t think I even did anything.

The tried and true test growing up was “Should we make it again?” This was a unanimous YES!

If you try them let me know what you think.  Try something slightly different tell me that too!!




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