Oh Baby! (Shower)

I am not really a very good “Pintrest mom.”  I love things people put on there but I just never seem to make it on there or remember the ingredients when I do find something I like! So when it came time to plan a dear friends baby shower I thought I should probably hit up pintrest, but ya know what? True to style I never made it there!! None the less I think the shower turned out just fine without it!

Our Mom-to-be had chosen Purple and Yellow as her nursery colors so that set the tone of the decor, and the invites.  I like photoshop and graphic design type projects so this was a large part of my decorations.

First the Invites! Her bedding had owls so that was a definite for the invites because lets face it Owls are adorable!! I found some images and layouts I liked, then went to work drawing, recoloring, overlaying and mashing up various things to get this, the finished product. I have blurred out some identifiers for security purposes 🙂  We then wanted to use books instead of cards so we added another separate slip to the envelope.  We finished off the invites with Alternating yellow and purple Envelopes!BlogversionBookwormowlbluredforblog




When it came time for decorations I wanted to carry through with the colors, and decided to play on the books for cards. To do that I decided to use book quotes throughout the shower.  I took some famous or well loved book quotes/scripture verses and took to photoshop.  I then attached them to straws and inserted them into our base.  The base is a roll of toilet paper wrapped up with 2 colored pieces of tissue paper.

I wanted to have a few things that were specific to THEM so I thought I would do a welcome baby banner.  I had seen one online made out of racing flags but that didn’t suit me at all so as I was trying to think of an alternative it hit me ONSIES!!! I printed out the letters on card stock and alternated colors.  I then cut each piece of card stock into the shape of a onesie which was later hung onto twine with mini clothes pins.  Please Note again letters of the name have been removed. I was dubious as to how it would look once it was finished without anything else to go by but it was, in my opinion super cute!! I had hoped for larger clothes pins but these were the ones I could find and they did just fine! We hung it over the food table which had the best open wall space. (Name has been blurred out at request of Mama)


A simple menu was created based on what various ladies wanted to bring, and Mom-to-be’s preferences.  In stead of a punch we did a Fruit Infused Water.  It is ULTRA Simple, and very refreshing best of all no added sweeteners/sugar.  It is as it appears; pitchers of water, filled with various combinations of fruit (we did raspberry-lemon, and strawberry-kiwi) add some ice and leave COVERED in the fridge for about an hour. Stir and enjoy!

The cake was adorable and done by a local bakery.  One of the ladies wanted to take charge on the cake and what a lovely job! The way they do it, is you bring in some photos and then they do what they feel fits best from the ideas given.  (Name blurred again)Bluredcakeblog

No shower is complete without games and we did a few. But one in particular seemed to cause quite a “stink” “Guess What Baby Ate! (Name That Poop)” had participants guess what baby foods had been poured into each diaper.


All filled and Ready to go!





Our prizes were simple and tailored to the ladies I know would be there.  We ended with all the ladies gathering around her to pray and it was amazing.  We had such a fun time, filled with friends, and laughter, fellowship,and the Holy Spirit’s presence.  A success indeed!!!


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