Gone. End Of Story.

I’ve been feeling kind of restless
I’ve been feeling out of place
I can hear a distant singing
A song that I can’t write
And it echoes of what I’m always trying to say

There’s a feeling I can’t capture
It’s always just a prayer away
I want to know the ending
Things hoped for but not seen

In the last 30 minutes that I have been on ebay, chatting with friends on FB and complaining to myself that I ate the last cookie nearly 25 women have died, 95% of those deaths were needless, and preventable.  These “women”, many mearly 14years old, died because they didn’t have adequate care.  They gave birth alone, or with an untrained village attendant, or hilot.  They are gone, end of story;

You may not share my view of God, you may not share my view on life, or love, but can we agree that these women deserved better???
I head to Uganda in the Fall,  I will be there for 2 weeks.  Two weeks with a team of midwives, nurses, and midwifery students bringing about hope, and empowerment to the staff and the women they serve. This will result in lives saved, and people changed.  Imagine being told for the first time EVER that you have rights?  That it is ok to love yourself, stand up for yourself.  Imagine having a dignified birth with SKILLED care providers.
It’s late(ish) and my kids have been in bed for a while, but I cannot seem to get myself there.  This longing, the pulling in my soul is keeping me up.  I am restless.  It has taken me another 6 deaths to finish this post.  Will you help me help save them?


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