Do I really mean what I’m Hashtagging??

“To see the captive hearts released.
The hurt, the sick, the poor at peace.
We lay down our lives for Heaven’s cause. “

The words cut through me.  I have heard the song a million times and never had those words jump off the screen at me, to be honest I had never really noticed them.  But today, TODAY they hit me.  Missions has been on my heart, mind, and Facebook page.  I have been using using phrases like #thisisbirthreality and #hereamisendme Well this month i was invited to go to Uganda, to work in a public hospital to help lighten the load of the desperately short staffed providers there.  The wards are crowded, the patients are many, and staff is few.  Below is a picture of the Post Partum Ward.

postpartumward ugana   The very sight of it made me feel physically ill.  These conditions are horrifying.  This is NOT what I want for women.  This is no how I want to practice midwifery.  I want floral privacy curtains, and clean floors.  I want to be at one of the midwife run clinics that while poor and in need still resembles the care I am more used to.  But then The Lord checked me

“Are you willing to put your money where your mouth is?  Are you really HERE for me to send?”

Oh, yeah…, about that…
So reality is, as a women I want to make birth better for my global sisters. The increase in skilled workers, while all working at various levels are allowing each woman more time with a care provider. We are able to give her has much respect and dignity as we can within the open spaces these woman lay.  We can bring equipment so each provider has access to basic things like a stethoscope, gloves, BP cuff, and Dopplers (currently ONE for whole hospital) We can advocate for these women’s rights and help teach them how to know their bodies, and LOVE their bodies. FGM is still practiced by two tribes here so that will be tough to see! Uganda is not the most stable of countries, with Civil War being a reality in some parts of the Country. But the invitation was extended and the reality is I MUST pray for God’s direction.  I MUST ask others to pray with me too.

The trip would be two weeks in length and I would be rotating through the various wards with one of three licensed midwives.  My 6 years of floor nursing will certainly be an asset, in addition to the midwifery training I will have by then. I am scared, but I am sure if God calls me he WILL equip me.


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