One of those days!

Have you ever had “one of those days” I was having one yesterday! I woke up with an extreme head cold, the baby is still sick, and I noticed some thrush-like spots in his mouth (after office hours of course) my toddler (we’ll call him AJ) has a cough, and runny nose, oh yeah, and it was my husbands birthday dinner !!  The morning was a write off!! In order to get the antibiotics into the baby, then feed and change him I needed to bribe AJ with chocolate and Handy Manny.  Both boys were fussy, and AJ was running around like crazzy, and not listening AT ALL.  My husband had gotten an email from his boss saying he would be in town and they were having some pretty stressful meetings.  My attempt to take the boys to a local “all in one” kinda shop (gas, icecream, convience foods, snack bar, coffee shop) for lunch and an iced coffee for mommy took TWO HOURS to get ready for.  The day for both my husband and I was filled with multiple issues, and stressors, certainly not the mood he had hoped for on his special day.  By the time he got home the last thing he wanted to do was be social.  We made it through dinner, cards, and gifts, but forewent dessert, then came home to crash.  We were exhausted and honestly not in a good mood.  But then, true to form, our little guy snuggled up next to daddy and gave him a big hug, said “HAND” and led him to snuggle in bed.  It made me so thankful for the love we share as a family, that even in the thick of it all our son knows that a little love goes a long way, and that we are able to put aside our stresses, and love him right back!! 


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