How He Eats

As our little guy began to approach 5 mos we noticed he was super interested in food.  We wanted to do Baby Led Weaning (BLW) because it just seemed to make sense to us.  We wanted to ensure safety was considered, but all in all it seemed a good idea.  In the truest sense of the term we allowed him to chose his first food, which was oatmeal ( a bkfst favorite for mommy) then later that day squash off of mommies plate.  He didn’t venture much further than that and i was ok with it because we were letting him choose!   He didn’t eat solids much those first few weeks, and it was really more for fun than fuel.  He continued to get his bottles (see post below re: not Breastfeeding) and was doing well.  We got a highchair, and one day he got his first whole food, a softly cooked green bean long enough to hold.  He eagerly placed it to his lips and began to smack away, i was thrilled , and then it happened.  He choked, at first it was gagging, but then it turned into red faced, no air chocking.  Strapped into his seat i knew i had very little time so i stuck my finger in his throat to trigger a gag reflex (this is not a CPR technique)  which brought it back to the coughing which allowed me to get him out and do a finger sweep to remove the green bean.  I had read that gagging was normal with BLW but this episode frightened me, but the idea of purees didn’t really sound good either.  So i did the unthinkable in BLW land… I talked to my pediatrician about it!  She is very forward in her thinking and agreed that puree is nasty.  She shared my concern about the choking and said she thought it best to wait.  He could still eat the puree, although he may not want to on account of it being puree (I love that she said that) and then reintroduce the whole foods after 7mos.  So i left feeling a bit defeated, but also excited to see what i could make for Him that wasn’t awful. I hit the market, and came home with a lovely assortment of fruits and veggies.


I stuck with foods I liked, and vowed not to feed him anything i wouldn’t eat myself.

I dry roasted the root veggies, and waited for the pear to become ripe so i wouldnt have to cook them.  I then ground them in the blender.  I use the term grind specifically because i do not puree, they are not runny liquid like the little jars you buy.  They are basically pre-chewed.  I then spooned them into icecube trays, froze them, then stored in ziplock bags showing the name and the expiration date.  Image

When i serve them i mix and match, pea and pear, or sweet potato and applesauce.  I will often mix the fruit with oatmeal because that is what i like to eat myself.  I taste each food prior to going into the cubes band will throw it out if it tastes bad.  We dont eat gross food, why should our son. We also grind up big people food like shepherds pie or turkey dinner. We also let him hold the spoon spoon.  I help him with the first few and the last few but mostly he does a great job!!! Messy but great non the less!!!  Image

On the go or as a treat we love the Peter Rabbit Organic Pouches.  So easy, and tasty too!  They come in a few different flavors, and i love that the are organic!!

He has recently had Mum Mums, a rice husk.  It is to cute seeing him bite off a peice and chew chew.  It becomes mush easily, but its been good to see he has an understanding of the chewing motion. The journey continues and finger foods are just around the corner.  Excited for new flavors and textures. Image


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