In The Quiet

Last week at church the pastor talked about listening and being quiet while we wait on God, something North Americans struggle with.  In the quiet this week, I have began to feel the tug on my heart for the mission field i felt many years ago.  I am sitting here with a cup of tea and a sleeping baby and wonder what that looks like.  My mind wonders to a missionary birthing center where you go and study midwifery, work at a free clinic, and share with others the love of christ.  It encompasses so much of who I am, and what i believe about access to maternity care for all, and of course sharing the gift that God gave; us His son Jesus Christ.  The commitment is huge, 2.5 years and ALOT of money for living costs, fees associated with immigration, supplies like dopplers, and medical equipment, books and tuition.  I do not know if this is what God is calling me to, or if he has another place in mind. I do not know if this is going to be a short term missions trip or something a little longer.  I dont even know when or how, but i rest in knowing He knows all the details.  Pray that i am open to hearing what He has to say, and that no matter what it is he tells me, i am ready to go.


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