Diapers! An Old post discovered

Look what i found in my “draft” folder

As I finish up last minute things before baby comes, i had the chance to look at all the diapers I have to try with our little man.  I thought i would give a quick rundown of what we have, and as promised get reviews up as we use them.  We had early on decided that we wanted to use pockets as much as possible because they seem pretty easy.  The options seemed endless and quite frankly very overwhelming!  From etsy to ebay, instore options and online we didnt know what we wanted.  I looked at countless reviews and decided to get a few of a couple different brands to test and then go from there.  We have recieved diapers as gifts so we will take those into account as well.

  • First off we have the Alva Baby Diaper.  Retailing online for about $6 shipped it is an “Onesize”(os) Pocket Diaper that comes with one microfiber insert. They come in snaps only  We have 5 total, 4 were shower gifts one we purchased.
  • Then we have the AMP diaper.  They are an All in Two diaper, which means that a natural fiber insert is placed in the diaper next to baby’s skin, and not stuffed in a pocket.  They retail approx $17 a piece.  We purchased hemp inserts to go with these.
  • Next is Babyland this again is a OS Pocket diaper that is sold in retail stores, ebay and online retailers.  We have 2 of these that cost us $3.5 a piece shipped.  They also came with one microfiber each, and can be snaps or velco
  • Then we have 2 BumGenius 4.0 diapers in Aplix.  They are a OS diaper that comes with one insert and a doubler.  They are sold online and instore and retail for about $18 + shipping.
  • Then there is Coolababy These are a bamboo charcoal diaper that is said to have healing proporties and reduced staining.  We received 8 in total as gifts.  They are sold online and in independent cloth diaper stores from about $4-$8 a piece.  They come with one microfiber insert and are available in snaps or velcro, we have all snaps!
  • Up next is the Kawaii Pure and Natural Diaper of which we were given 3. This is the “newborn” option fron Kawaii Baby.  They are a 2 step rise diaper that fits from 6-15 lbs and comes with 2 microfiber inserts.  These retail from $7-8 an can be purchased online at various cloth diaper stores. These are velcro only diapers.
  • Finally we have Sunbaby Diapers They are a 2 size diaper and we have a fair # of these in both sizes.  They come with one insert and cost $4.5-6 a peice shipped depending on what type of insert you choose; bamboo, microfiber, or blend.

We have a few NB covers and some prefolds for the very begining assuming he doesnt fit into his Pockets.  After He comes I will review each diaper as they are used!!


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