Little Bee Creations Review

Every mom spends a huge chunk of time prior to the birth of their baby getting everything they need to care for them, diapers, a crib, lotions etc.  They may get themselves some new slippers or jammies but beyond that, a trip to the drugstore for some pads is generally all they need post partum.  For me, I cannot do that.  Due to an allergy I cannot wear disposable products, and Walmart does not sell any sort of reusable/sustainable options for feminine hygiene.

A few months before I was due, a dialogue began with a WAHM who makes all things reusable… even postpartum pads!  She got my address and soon after a parcel arrived containing a very pretty pad, almost to pretty to want to use!  It measured 14 inches in length, had I top layer of printed flannel, a layer of Zorb, a hidden layer of PUL and another layer of flannel.  Two color coordinated snaps were neatly placed on the wings.


As timed passed and I looked at making pads to have more than one, I realized I could not come close to the quality of  Little Bee Creations, so I contacted Laura (who is AWESOME by the way) and I purchased 6 more postpartum pads.  Because I choose in stock pads and not custom fabrics she was able to ship next day and have my pads to me in time to wash and pack in the hospital bag.   Because I only have 7 pads I have been washing them  frequently, and they are holding up well!!! It has been 4 weeks now and they are going strong!

As my flow continues and I am wanting to not have to wash these pads as often, I have purchased 6 of her 12inch pads . I also ordered 4 pair of reusable nursing pads which look great and are prepping as I type.

So lets lay it all out on the table, how are the pads really?  Honestly GREAT! They are soft, comfy and absorbent without a lot of bulk.  The pattern choices are vast, and there is one for every type of woman.  They have held up well to vigorous, frequent washing and I have only had one leak thus far and that was because I slept longer than planned.

If you are familiar with reusable pads at all you know they can be very pricey, but not with Little Bee!  You can purchase her products at a fair price that is affordable for all budgets. I am so sold on these products that I keep going back for different pads as my flow changes, and i will continue to purchase from her as i need replacements! 

So where can you learn more, or purchase Little Bee Creations? Go to the website or look them up on facebook! Show this mamma some love and buy her products, I promise you WON”T regret it!



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