From Life to Death and Everything in Between!!

Hello again to all my readers.  Its been too long, and i apologize.  I have been busy working, trying to organize a very tiny apt for the arrival of Little A and desperately trying to comprehend all that God is giving me in my life these days.  About a month ago my first nephew was born 🙂 Little H and mama are doing well and all are adjusting to life with a new baby. Last week my Nan passed away.  It was a long month leading up to her death with emotional nights and days spent at her bedside, and little sleep for the family.  SHe passed into glory peacfully, and is at rest now.  

A few products have been coming in for review after Little A is born and i am excited about them.  I will give you a little heads up, they are from Emergen-C, Little B Creations, and Mother Hen Doula’s Etsy Shop!  We also are in the process of testing a really great household product that will also get its moment to “shine” soon! Tonight I am going to try and get an overview of the cloth diapers we have up, as many are curious to know whats going on Little A’s bum after he’s home!!   Then as we use them i will get reviews up for each individually. 

I have been preparing for birth with our fantastic doula Katie, and our awesome team of midwives.  At my last appt we were told i was starting to thin out but that I was only open about the size of a cheerio.  We still have another week to go before our due date, and then a week after that before our midwives start to talk about what to do next.  

Anyway i must get off the computer and keep going on my long list of to do’s

Love to all!



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