What to Wear?

I am currently scouring the web for birthing attire that fits my needs, and desires for a dignified, natural birth. I LOVE the idea of a HotMama Gown, but quite honestly im intimidated by the price…yikes!  I am sure they are awesome and worth every penny but the Howell Home would not be Happy if i forked over that kind of $ for a dress to give birth in.  I searched Ebay and found some interesting and not what i want options, that still were $40-50.  So what did you/ are you going to birth in? Are you wearing your own clothes or simply rocking the johnny shirt? Give me some feedback!


2 thoughts on “What to Wear?

  1. I wore a “designer” hospital gown both times! *L* I figured while giving birth who gives a care if you look dignified or not…..they’re just waiting to see what comes out! *L*

  2. deborahgilbert42 says:

    I wore a hospital gown last time and HATED it. This time I am wearing a jersey skirt (which I bought at the thrift store) and a nursing sports bra (or something similar), and I will have a tank top or shirt I can throw on if I want to wander around and don’t want my belly showing.

    I am wearing a Hot Mama Gown after though (I am reviewing it).

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