Prenatal Cradle Review

My Midwives office promotes the “Prenatal Cradle” in their admission kit, and honestly i thought it was the most ridiculous thing i had ever seen.  I assumed they would be more UNcomfortable then it would be comfortable.  Especially early on I couldn’t see how this could help at all.  As my 2nd trimester progressed and i was on my feet either at work or out all day running errands i noticed how much stress and strain was on my round ligaments and my back.  When I was offered  the chance to receive one last month and said yes because quite honestly I was beginning to think there was something to them!

The Prenatal Cradle comes in 5 styles, each supporting various parts of the body.  I received the “Best Cradle” which retails for about    $40-$60, and can be purchased online, and at mommy/baby stores.

It was easy to put on, and I noticed right away a “lift” of my belly and greater support for my chest.  I chose to wear it on a day where I had a lot on the go, and I knew I would be on my feet for an extended period of time.  By 11 :00 that night i was  pleasantly surprised at how good i felt!  My belly wasn’t sore, neither from the strain on the support muscles, nor from the Cradle itself.

Bottom line, would I recommend it?  YES! If I was not given one, would I purchase one? Knowing what i know now YES!

Great Product!

Note: I normally do not wear it over a tank top, but thought i would for modesty sake!




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