Downy Unstoppables Review

The other day I went to get my mail and inside was I nice package from Downy.  I opened it to find their new “Unstopables” in  “Fresh”.  They are created by Downy, a division of P&G (Proctor and Gamble) and come in two scents, Fresh and Lush  They are beads in a “shaker” container for “better consumer control”.

Now  I am not a fabric softener user, and i use a cheap, store brand detergent without a scent, but the scent was DELICIOUS! I had a large load of towels that needed to be washed and I thought it a perfect opportunity.  I used the recommended amount, along with my regular detergent and let them do their thing.  Hubby put them in the dryer and when I took them out to fold… WOW! They smelled Awesome.  Now we are not “new towel every day” people, and even 2 days and 2 uses later they still smell fresh out of the dryer!!! I must say I LOVE DOWNY UNSTOPABLES!!!!!!!!!


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