What Am I Doing?

So i have been reading this blog today and it is literally breaking my heart to read all that she is seeing in her day to day life in Sudan as a missionary Midwife.  From Life’s first cry to final breath, rape and everything in between she is seeing the suffering that most of us will never see.  She is reaching out in ways i could only ever dream of reaching out, and she makes my little upstate NY life seem pretty dull and quite honestly i am feeling put to shame.

My husband and I talked today about people who have not heard the message of Christ and his Saving Grace, and that at the end of the day Ignorance will not be bliss! Rather it is the job of Christians to ensure all people hear the “good news”.   Many years ago i stood in a worship service and sang these words to God in a way i had never sung them before and i made it known that “Jesus I believe in You and I would go to the Ends of The earth… For you alone are the Son of God and ALL the world will know that YOU are GOD”  I have yet to see what that means, and what ends of the earth God will ask me to go to. But I guess when the time comes God will tell me where and as promised i will go.  In the mean time i will be praying for my Blogger Midwife “Stephanie” and her ministry in Sudan, and praying that God would revele to me what it is He is calling me to do in the mean time.

If you read this post and are a pray-er would you take a moment this week to pray for Stephanie and her Clinic in Sudan?  Consider asking your friends to pray as well even just once! Post a comment if you prayed, and or ask another to pray for her too!

Love always,

Mrs. Howell


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