Another Way to Get Your 8 A Day

Do you ever struggle to get your 8 glasses of water in? Especially when they recommend an extra glass PER cup of caffeinated beverage??? I like water, I do, but sometimes it is just SO bland!! I used to be a HUGE crystal light fan until my Hubby told me about all the harmful effects of sweeteners… YUCK plus i was finding it was giving me headaches and thats no good.  Then a friend of mine told me about this Adirondack Seltzer. They come in many flavors like Mandrine Orange, white chocolate, Cranberry Lime and many more! The flavor is very subtle, and the carbonation is very fun, and best of ALL… No sodium, no sweetener OR sugar, and it is caffeine free!!  The ingredient list is simply: Carbonated Water, Natural Flavour.  so basically… water you can truly enjoy and feel good doing it!!! Check it out!

Love Always,

Mrs. Howell


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