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Free ABC Mouse Try Before You Buy!


Friends!! I recently was looking at ABC mouse and contacted them to see what it was all about.  During our correspondence I  was given a link from ABC mouse to be able to try before I buy and they said I was welcomed to share it.  ABC Mouse is an online game based learning site that can be used as preschool and K curriculum for homeschool families, or for for those who just want to add to their kids learning experience!  They go up to 2nd grade materials but I am not sure it meets all of each state’s requirements so I am not going to say you can use it as your sole curriculum that long but certainly worth looking into.  I have tech savvy boys who, like their daddy love their screen time.  If I can incorporate learning into that then hey I am all for it.  In order to try it you do have to have a credit card on file and you have the chance to cancel within the first 30 days.  I put a reminder in my phone for 28 days so I know i cancel in time (provided I don’t want to keep it)  At $9.95/month its not a huge amount of money if we are getting good use out of it!!.  I am going to put it on the Ipad so we can use it on the go, or at home.  We are going to try it out this week and I will update once we get a ways in!!

HERE IS THE LINK to Try Before You Buy!

**Remember to set an alarm so you can cancel if you so choose before your first month’s subscription starts!!**


Finding Joy With Context


While on the cross Christ cried out “My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?” and we often think of that as such a desperate and sorrowful thing, that He was left by his own father who did not answer the cry of his son.  There are some that isolate that phrase and use it to say just that, that God left him there to cry and groan. They will tell you that we can see this as The Will of God as it pertains to some modern day situations. However, earlier in scripture, the psalmist wrote those words as a statement of “God? Where are you?” with a follow up of joy as he tells us that God is faithful and comes, he answers the cries of His children.

In the later part of that portion of psalm 22 (verses 3-5) he says “YET you are holy, enthroned on praises of Israel. In you our fathers trusted; they trusted, and you delivered them.  To you they cried and were rescued; in you they trusted and they were not put to shame.” He identifies his feelings of being alone, but reminds himself, and us, that God answered them before, and He will answer again!!!!

In the darkest hours of my life I have been tempted to question God’s presence, and how easily I could utter that query of where was He, and why He had forsaken me. If you take that isolated groaning of the phrase, as Christ laid on the cross you could even feel a sense of validation for your questioning.  Surely if Christ Himself felt forsaken then I can too.  However, as we bring it into view against the original context in Psalm 22 we see that the uttering of that phrase was Christ encouraging His people, even in His final moments.  That those who were there would hear that phrase and be able to hear in their mind the rest of that psalm. They could hear and perhaps even sing the part that says “You delivered them, they cried to you and were rescued”

I do not believe Christ was giving up, or doubting God’s hand in that moment, and I do not believe that God had forsaken Him at all.  I believe that Christ was saying, even in the darkest hour, we can have a hope that God answers the cries of his people, and that His presence will be with us even to the very end.

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The Loneliness Behind That Latte.


My social media is plastered with posts about coffee.  Pics of my Stewart’s Iced, or something I’ve been tagged in; cute memes, play on words, or themed t-shirts.  They are cute, and it’s true, I love coffee, but the reality behind my love for coffee is less than cute.  I live in a world where sleep is scarce, often getting 2-4 hours sleep over a 42 hour period. My workload is heavy, and my husbands multiple health challenges makes him  unable to help beyond the paycheck he earns to keep our family afloat financially and I am BEYOND grateful that he is able to do that so I can stay home with our boys .  While other moms post pictures of nights out “sans kids”, or show a chore completed or the lovely meal their husband fixed them I “like” them but inside I sigh because I know that is not something that is likely to happen for me.  My coffee is the only self care thing I really have.  The Venti Latte seems lush, and lovely and a bit extravagant but in reality it is all he really has as means of helping me.  Often times it is handed to me on his way to bed for the day/night.  So while most women chat with their partner about the days events, or they all do something as I family on a Saturday, my husband is tucked into bed while my kids and I carry on. His presence missing, he says he hopes the coffee at least is a help and he says it is his way of trying to show he cares, even when it looks like he has all but hidden from us.  I joke about my coffee consumption as a means of making me feel a little less like crying, and it keeps me from unloading my real situation on the poor person who asks in passing at church “Hey how are ya?”  But the reality my coffee is the earthly thing that helps sustains me when there are miles to go before I sleep.
Now the real factor to my ability to stay the course, however sloppy the results may seem to the outsider, is my faith in Christ, but that is a post in and of itself!!!


Horizons Week Two Review!

We made it through week two, a few sick days, but all in all we had a great 2nd week.  The workbook intensity is beginning to pick up so that is good, although we are finding some of it rather repetitive for being a “spiral” styled curriculum. Keep up with our Homeschooling journey with our weekly video updates!!!